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PaintArt - Paint your best pictures yourself. Get unique paintings from hundreds of styles.

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How does it works

A tool

PaintArt helps you to make your photos into true works of art !


Using the brush of great masters known worldwide such as Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch or Vincent Van Gogh

An innovation

Artificial intelligence accompanies you and makes your most beautiful memories unique and timeless creations

Let's go !

Come and embark on this artistic adventure with us !

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Chargez votre image, then select the style you want to apply to it

Escher Sphere style image
Escher Sphere render image
Frida Kahlo style image
Frida Kahlo render image
Seated Nude style image
Seated Nude render image
Starry Night style image
Starry Night render image
The Scream style image
The Scream render image
Woman with hat matisse style image
Woman with hat matisse render image

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